Betting first goalscorer: A bet that wins with experience

How to bet on a top scorer bet in a match?

In football, but also in many sporting events (as we will see below), it is sometimes very profitable to bet on the scorer in a match or the player who will score one or more points!

As the name suggests, bettors will have to select the name of an athlete, considering that the latter could score a goal in his next match. Be aware of a few points of payment that you will find in the bookmakers' general conditions, so as not to lose your bet:

  • Your win will not be counted if the selected athlete scores against his own side.
  • Some sports betting sites do not take your bet into account if you did not select a regular player during the match.
  • Other bookmakers believe that the bet is counted from the moment the player enters the field. Be careful if your favorite sportsman only participates in the last 5 minutes of the game!

Our tips for winning this 1st goalscorer bet

While this type of bet can be very simplistic, we still believe that a certain amount of data should be taken into account before placing your money on a scorer. For example, if you have followed our point on how this type of bet works, it may be wise to wait until the official team composition is completed before making your choice. Moreover, when using live betting, you should know that at any time during the match, a "scorer in the match" bet can be made, even if the result has already changed.

Moreover, if you want to multiply your odds, the bookmakers offer you even more advanced and specific bets. Taking the example of football, you will see that it is possible to bet on the player who will score two, three, and more goals in the same match. has gathered the best online bookmakers in one place, so if you want to get the best bonuses, visit their website.

Nevertheless, it must be admitted that it is rather difficult to guess who the scorer will be in a match, since for football, the 10 field players have the ability and the possibility to score. However, if you are attracted to this type of bet, here is the information to analyze before placing your money on a striker:

  • Climatic conditions,
  • The form of the teams,
  • The physical and mental fitness of the attackers (those most likely to score),
  • Statistics of the top scorers,
  • The defensive qualities of the opposing team,
  • Free kickers and penalty shooters.

Guide for online sports betting

Online Guide for Sportsbetting

Whether you are a complete beginner or an enthusiastic player, our online sports betting guide is designed to help you compete in the sports betting market. Now that you have a good overview of what you can find on our site, we hope to be the number one source for your gambling needs. Our directory aims to show you where, when and how you can bet on your favorite sport and gives you the best chance to be a winner.

Applying a comprehensive knowledge of sports betting from many years in the industry, our team of sports betting experts has created the ultimate Internet betting guide. Combined with our excellent sports betting site directory, this guide ensures that you are well equipped and get the most out of our sports betting experience.

Online sports betting: the basics

Everyone has to start somewhere and players of sports betting are no exception. For this reason we have created this section to cover the essential basics of online sports betting. If you have little or no experience with betting, we can give you any recommendations and any knowledge you need to have a good start with online sports betting right from the start. Here are the essentials you should learn about sports betting

How are odds for sports betting to be understood?

Understanding how to read odds on sports betting is a basic but important skill you need to be a successful sports betting player. The odds on sports bets can be presented in many different formats and we teach you to read the different odds, interpret them correctly and what they mean. You will soon be familiar with terms such as "odds" and "odds":

  • Moneyline
  • point spread
  • Over/Under
  • totals
  • spread betting
  • How to place a bet

    We also show you how to place bets safely and easily on some of the best online sports betting websites and we give you many great tips for sports betting, as well as useful recommendations.

    If you already have some basic knowledge and would like to start betting right away, please visit our online sports betting reviews page and take a look at our best recommended betting sites. On this page you will find a list of sports betting websites that have been rated by our experts and an overview of the latest signup bonus offers for new members.

    If you are a bigginner in sports betting mkae sure to read this article

    Online Sports Betting Strategy

    Having a strategy for online sports betting is necessary if you want to have a chance of a long-term betting success. Every successful player has a carefully designed system or strategy that they adhere to. Some bettors are masters of a certain market and others develop techniques for many markets, using a combination of research and statistics to identify lucrative odds.

    It doesn't take too long to learn some basic betting strategies and in this area we will show you how. Once you get involved, you'll quickly find yourself developing your own ideas on how to approach your preferred markets.

    We'll show you how:
  • Calculate probabilities
  • Identifying high values / opportunities
  • Maximize your profit
  • place your bets
  • Bet in-play
  • Avoid general betting errors
  • Of course, betting can also be a lot of fun, but if you regularly lose money, the fun factor is quickly lost. Our goal is to help you have a pleasant experience while betting, but also to maximize your winnings and we accompany you on your way to a long-term return.

    How do you win with sports betting?

    This is probably the area that will really catch your eye; most importantly, winning is the primary goal of betting. However, you should make sure you are fully aware of the basics we cover in our other areas before you attempt to beat the bookmakers.

    Mobile Sports Betting

    Bet on the go

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    Many of the leading sports betting websites have recognised the tremendous value of giving speculators the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest odds on their mobile phones.

    As a result, most of them now offer the possibility to bet on sports via the mobile use of certain websites or smartphone applications.

    These mobile betting apps are compatible with most Apple, Android and Windows based tablets and smartphones and give speculators the flexibility to bet safely from anywhere. In our guide we provide a comprehensive guide to the best betting apps available from all major betting companies. We rank you according to a number of criteria, including breadth of features, ease of use, and market options.

    The websites we review offer mobile sports betting for a range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry and Windows based phones from companies like Nokia. Just like the major web sites, these betting sites offer different incentives to sign up a new customer, as well as other bonuses and promotions.

    Opening a mobile account for sports betting has never been easier and the applications also offer a high level of security for online transactions. You can deposit and withdraw money, add or remove a credit card, and change your account details wherever you are. You can even bet live during a sporting event and react as the game evolves on the field. Bettors have never had so many opportunities!

    Our online sports betting guide includes the following information:

    • The best iPad or iPhone sports betting apps
    • The Best Android Sportsbook Apps
    • The Best Windows Mobile Sportsbook Apps
    • The best sign-up bonuses

    Live on Sports Betting

    There are two ways you can bet live on sports. You can either log in to your favorite betting site and bet live and during the game, conveniently from home; or you can bet live at the game, or on the go via your mobile device.

    Betting while sitting in the stands at a sporting event is becoming more and more popular and allows the player to react very quickly to developments on the pitch. Make a profit with the help of the many specialists in the markets that are now available. An intelligent bettor can even secure winnings at crucial moments during the game, through the use of backing or laying bets, such as when the momentum develops from one player or team to another.

    Most bookmakers now offer markets for a range of in-play features, so you can bet on details, such as the next goal, or the next foul of the game. Betting live on sports is a great thing for any player to learn and we will show you how you can bet live in the game on a number of top sports, such as NFL, NBA, MLB and football.

    Ok, I would like to bet online, how do I start?

    Once you are ready to bet online, you need to open your first betting account. Most bookmakers have a very simple registration process and you should be able to place your first bet after just a few minutes. Remember to check out our rating of the top betting sites and then choose the sports betting site that suits you best. Our recommended sites are:


    Payment options


    PayPal is one of the most popular payment systems in the world, but only a handful of betting sites offer PayPal deposits and withdrawals. This has more to do with the strict rules and transaction fees of PayPal than with the reluctance of sports betting websites to allow this payment method. Due to restrictions in the USA, most bookmakers who allow PayPal payments are based in England.

    Credit cards

    The most common way to deposit and withdraw money to and from a betting account is by credit or debit card. By simply adding the details of a valid Visa or MasterCard to your account, you can deposit or withdraw funds quickly and easily with a few clicks. Unlike PayPal and Bitcoins, using a Visa Card does not limit you to certain bookmakers, no matter which country you live in.

    Betting for beginners

    Lern how to place bets.

    Here you will find tips to bet successfully - because it takes more than your gut feeling and watching a game on Sky at the weekend ?

    Our guide to successful sports betting:

    Although sports betting is not a special science, betting fans should be familiar with the most important basics. Not only does this make it easier to get started, it also gives you much better results. Especially for beginners many questions arise. How do I find the best bookmaker? What is the right strategy? What do I have to pay special attention to when placing sports bets? The guide deals with the most important criteria and shows what is particularly important in successful sports betting.

    Finding the right bookmaker

    Anyone wishing to place sports bets must first register with one of the many online bookmakers. Since the requirements vary depending on the weather, this is always a subjective decision. The most important criteria for a good betting provider are the widest possible range of bets, good odds, an easy-to-use platform and easily accessible support. Those who like to play with high stakes should also take a look at the betting limits. With a detailed online comparison, you can quickly separate the wheat from the chaff and find the best sports betting provider for your requirements.

    The thing with the odds

    The better the odds, the higher the potential win. There are considerable differences between the individual bookmakers. Good betting providers work with an average payout key of about 94 percent. For particularly important events, this can also rise to 96 to 97 percent. Who places his bets with a bookmaker with worse odds loses a longer period seen sometimes several hundred euros. It should also be noted that some bookies have noticeable tendencies towards outsiders or favourites, while others offer particularly good odds for a draw. A precise comparison of odds is therefore essential for successful sports weather.

    Bet on favourites or outsiders?

    Tips on favourites naturally have a higher chance of winning. However, this does not mean that sports weather will be more successful in the long run. Because the odds for a favourite victory are significantly lower. In addition, there is of course no guarantee that the top teams will always win. Even a defeat or a draw can cancel out the winnings of numerous favourite tips. The tendency is therefore that sports weather that relies on outsiders is more successful in the long run.

    Smaller leagues often bring more

    Bookmakers create their odds based on a variety of information. The more you know about each team and player, the easier it is to set odds. For this reason it can be advantageous for sports weather to concentrate on the lesser known leagues. If you know this well, you often have an information advantage over the bookmaker and can take advantage of high odds in this way. The chance that the betting provider will make a misquoting due to a lack of information is much higher in smaller leagues.

    The risk with combined bets

    Combination bets combine several tips into one bet. It is possible to place any number of single bets. Since the individual odds are multiplied, the odds are much higher. But beware: If only one game ends differently than the one you have typed, the entire combination bet is considered lost. Combined bets are usually used to increase the odds on favourite bets. The more tips combined on a betting slip, the higher the win and risk.

    Learn more about combined bets

    Protection with system bets

    System betting is one way to minimize risk. Sports bettors can choose from different systems such as "3 out of 4", "4 out of 5" or "4 out of 6". In this way, it is possible to prevent the bet from being lost in the event of a wrong bet. For example, if you play a system "3 out of 4", you only have to have three correct bets to win four tips. This naturally has an effect on the odds, which are lower compared to classic combination bets. With most bookmakers system bets can be supplemented still by so-called banks.