The history of Fredericknyc

An exact date when Fredericknyc saw the light of day cannot be determined exactly. Fredericknyc was first considered at the end of 2014. In March 2015, a picture was posted for the first time on Fredericknyc's Facebook website. Udo Zweckerl still has a big thank you today. Without a doubt, he was the main initiator and foster father of the project. He had not only the necessary knowledge, but also numerous contacts, which paved the way for Fredericknyc. Stefan Meister and Daniel Herzog quickly boarded the Fredericknyc boat. Before that there were already loose contacts between these three persons and Udo Zweckerl could convince himself of the work of Stefan and Daniel in other projects.

The first premium group

Together all three had the desire to create something special in the field of sports betting. The potential in the field of sports betting was recognised and Fredericknyc gradually picked up speed. Starting with a simple website and analyses in its forum, we quickly discovered the possibility of social media. There we first posted live bets on Fredericknyc's Facebook presence. Live betting is a trademark that Fredericknyc still has today and is. In December 2015, a decisive step was taken for Fredericknyc.

For the first time, a premium group was created, which exclusively offered live betting via Facebook. Right from the start it was important to us to do justice to the name "Premium" and to guarantee the users full satisfaction. With around 800 users in the Premium Group, we can assume today that we have done a lot right.

Changes and progress

Even today we can say that the focus and our showpiece continues to be the live betting group. Fredericknyc not only managed to deliver an incredible performance, but also to create a strong community. But Fredericknyc has not only become a hobby, but a project that requires at least 30 to 40 hours of work per week. Unfortunately Udo Zweckerl left the project for this reason. Nevertheless, he is still available today to help and advise in case of need.

For Daniel and Stefan it was a necessary step to structure the areas strictly and to distribute the responsibilities. With this more efficient work the strengths of each person can be played out. Daniel's departure from live betting was a major turning point for Fredericknyc. But this step was necessary because Daniel can use his energy for other areas at Fredericknyc and Fredericknyc has improved significantly since then. Stefan feels comfortable as a leading force in the editorial field. With Hilko Reiners (live betting) and Noah Glahn (premium groups) two important persons could be won. Furthermore, several authors ensure that the homepage is constantly filled with qualitative content.

A separate application for Fredericknyc

We have always recognised that the Fredericknyc project must continue to evolve and that it is a step backwards to take immediate action. That's why we decided to take the step of developing our own application so that users could easily see all their bets on their smartphone. It would be exaggerated to speak of a milestone, but we are nevertheless proud of this development, as we are taking a pioneering role in this area.

Virtues and projects of Fredericknyc

We see the innovation and progress mentioned above as virtues of Fredericknyc. A lot of time and money was invested to test, optimize or create new things. In our premium groups, we have passed on Paysafekarten worth several thousand euros to our users since the company was founded. Our transparent work has been praised by many and is an important part of our philosophy. For Fredericknyc, it is also part of our philosophy that we get involved on and off the pitch. Fredericknyc supports amateur clubs with equipment and is involved in social projects outside of sport.

We would like to thank

The history of Fredericknyc will be continued. Nevertheless, we would like to take this opportunity to thank some people who have contributed their part to the history of Fredericknyc.