Betting first goalscorer: A bet that wins with experience

How to bet on a top scorer bet in a match?

In football, but also in many sporting events (as we will see below), it is sometimes very profitable to bet on the scorer in a match or the player who will score one or more points!

As the name suggests, bettors will have to select the name of an athlete, considering that the latter could score a goal in his next match. Be aware of a few points of payment that you will find in the bookmakers' general conditions, so as not to lose your bet:

  • Your win will not be counted if the selected athlete scores against his own side.
  • Some sports betting sites do not take your bet into account if you did not select a regular player during the match.
  • Other bookmakers believe that the bet is counted from the moment the player enters the field. Be careful if your favorite sportsman only participates in the last 5 minutes of the game!

Our tips for winning this 1st goalscorer bet

While this type of bet can be very simplistic, we still believe that a certain amount of data should be taken into account before placing your money on a scorer. For example, if you have followed our point on how this type of bet works, it may be wise to wait until the official team composition is completed before making your choice. Moreover, when using live betting, you should know that at any time during the match, a "scorer in the match" bet can be made, even if the result has already changed.

Moreover, if you want to multiply your odds, the bookmakers offer you even more advanced and specific bets. Taking the example of football, you will see that it is possible to bet on the player who will score two, three, and more goals in the same match. has gathered the best online bookmakers in one place, so if you want to get the best bonuses, visit their website.

Nevertheless, it must be admitted that it is rather difficult to guess who the scorer will be in a match, since for football, the 10 field players have the ability and the possibility to score. However, if you are attracted to this type of bet, here is the information to analyze before placing your money on a striker:

  • Climatic conditions,
  • The form of the teams,
  • The physical and mental fitness of the attackers (those most likely to score),
  • Statistics of the top scorers,
  • The defensive qualities of the opposing team,
  • Free kickers and penalty shooters.

Think also of other sports disciplines

Of course, even if this bet is very popular with football fans, you can enjoy the same advantages over other disciplines. For example, online bookmakers often offer you the opportunity to bet on players who will score a transformation, drop or try during rugby competitions. If you like basketball, you can try to guess who will be the best scorer in a game, but also the one who will finish the most free throws. Of course, you can always watch the bets available for ice hockey, handball, or American football, as online bookmakers are always trying to satisfy the most players!