Mobile Sports Betting

Bet on your mobile device

Many of the leading sports betting websites have recognised the tremendous value of giving speculators the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest odds on their mobile phones.

As a result, most of them now offer the possibility to bet on sports via the mobile use of certain websites or smartphone applications.

These mobile betting apps are compatible with most Apple, Android and Windows based tablets and smartphones and give speculators the flexibility to bet safely from anywhere. In our guide we provide a comprehensive guide to the best betting apps available from all major betting companies. We rank you according to a number of criteria, including breadth of features, ease of use, and market options.

The websites we review offer mobile sports betting for a range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry and Windows based phones from companies like Nokia. Just like the major web sites, these betting sites offer different incentives to sign up a new customer, as well as other bonuses and promotions.

Opening a mobile account for sports betting has never been easier and the applications also offer a high level of security for online transactions. You can deposit and withdraw money, add or remove a credit card, and change your account details wherever you are. You can even bet live during a sporting event and react as the game evolves on the field. Bettors have never had so many opportunities!

Our online sports betting guide includes the following information:

  • The best iPad or iPhone sports betting apps
  • The Best Android Sportsbook Apps
  • The Best Windows Mobile Sportsbook Apps
  • The best sign-up bonuses

Live on Sports Betting

There are two ways you can bet live on sports. You can either log in to your favorite betting site and bet live and during the game, conveniently from home; or you can bet live at the game, or on the go via your mobile device.

Betting while sitting in the stands at a sporting event is becoming more and more popular and allows the player to react very quickly to developments on the pitch. Make a profit with the help of the many specialists in the markets that are now available. An intelligent bettor can even secure winnings at crucial moments during the game, through the use of backing or laying bets, such as when the momentum develops from one player or team to another.

Most bookmakers now offer markets for a range of in-play features, so you can bet on details, such as the next goal, or the next foul of the game. Betting live on sports is a great thing for any player to learn and we will show you how you can bet live in the game on a number of top sports, such as NFL, NBA, MLB and football.

Ok, I would like to bet online, how do I start?

Once you are ready to bet online, you need to open your first betting account. Most bookmakers have a very simple registration process and you should be able to place your first bet after just a few minutes. Remember to check out our rating of the top betting sites and then choose the sports betting site that suits you best. Our recommended sites are:


Payment options


PayPal is one of the most popular payment systems in the world, but only a handful of betting sites offer PayPal deposits and withdrawals. This has more to do with the strict rules and transaction fees of PayPal than with the reluctance of sports betting websites to allow this payment method. Due to restrictions in the USA, most bookmakers who allow PayPal payments are based in England.

Credit cards

The most common way to deposit and withdraw money to and from a betting account is by credit or debit card. By simply adding the details of a valid Visa or MasterCard to your account, you can deposit or withdraw funds quickly and easily with a few clicks. Unlike PayPal and Bitcoins, using a Visa Card does not limit you to certain bookmakers, no matter which country you live in.